Where Does my Family Begin and When is My Upbringing?

Education … Just think about this word! If we discard the prefix “howl”, we get the word “food”. What wise secrets keep words, like treasures in themselves carry.

Indeed, education is nutrition, spiritual nutrition. It is as necessary for the life of the child as drinking and eating. And it begins from the first minutes of a child’s life in the world. And this world has prepared everything for him a long time ago: both maternal lullabies with the eternal science of love, and the invisible, but tangible thread of the relationship between the child and adults, which conveys the satisfaction of his desires and the first prohibitions.
Thus, from the first days, we understand that two main laws govern this endless world – “it is possible” and “it is impossible”. And parents should never be confused and turned into chaos and disorder.

I can not imagine my life without the balance of these two forces. But we, the children, now and then want to break out of this line for various reasons: curiosity, unreasonableness, the desire to establish oneself, etc. And right there, all the mistakes and misfortunes that follow them lie in wait. And only strict parental “impossible” brings us back and teaches us how to live.
Right and happy.

How can one always remember him and learn to realize that it is much more important in life than all the different “cans”? In my opinion, everyone should have a family. It is so difficult to live alone, to struggle with difficulties, to enjoy success. Think about it, among the seven billion people living on the planet, we have only a few relatives.

And how many really close? Units, but they understood you. It seems to me, the main thing is that you be loved! Times are changing, and people are not always able to understand and accept each other and these changes.

But love is perhaps the only feeling that can be unconditional.

No matter what happens, the mother will always love her child, see even in an adult man her own blood, that baby who so touchingly pulled his little hands to her. There are different mothers, you say. And that will certainly be true.

But, speaking of a happy family, I don’t want to remember about those women who remain only biological mothers for their children. It is bitter to realize, but among men there are even more biological parents. They throw their children so often.

And sometimes, while living nearby, they remain strangers, drowning their bankruptcy in vodka. What feelings can you expect from them? How can you love them?

What to do when the family does not have a blessed feeling of love? But can such a family be considered real? There are too many families around us, relations in which are involved in completely different feelings, so we have to admit that they are real. But the question is: are they happy?

So it turns out that the family can be any: large or small, complete or not, but it is so important that love reigned in it.

Truly, family is our most important school. This is not the school we go to for several years, but the school in which we study all our life. From birth to death. There are countless lessons in it: hard work, responsibility, honesty, etc. There are lessons of love and nobility in her invisible schedule.

After all, they don’t love us anywhere like in our family. It is here that everyone will forgive us, help us overcome and survive our difficulties, everyone will understand. And even what others will condemn.

The family will never leave you in trouble. Learning these lessons, we ourselves will behave exactly the same with our loved ones, with our own children and even with others. And these simple formulas of human nobility are comprehended only in a kind family atmosphere.

After all, it is not for nothing that this word carries the spiritual features of the good, that is, the good, kind. And this kind, obviously, lies at the heart of our good mighty people.

Our parents … Now they are still young, prosperous, and we, no matter how independent we do not want to be, while we so need their help. And they are always ready to reach out to us.

I can’t even believe that once everything can be the other way around: they will become helpless and will need us.

How do we behave? Will we become comfort and joy for them, or will we turn their old age into hell, as the saying goes? This is the first time I am setting myself this question and trying to comprehend its entire depth. You can immediately find yourself simple

The answer is that, of course, I will always cherish and love my parents.

But what actually turns out to be behind these words? Of course, this will show my life. And therefore, I think; that, first of all, it needs to be built reasonably, on solid moral foundations: the right professional choice, a good family, and respect for people.

This will be the greatest joy for my parents, as well as for all other mothers and fathers.

It was this responsibility for my life that they always taught me. But there is another. What they did not teach me, but what I feel myself.

This is care for them, responsibility for their life, for their health, for their peace of mind and joy. I think that not always mother’s eyes will be so sparkling, and father’s – so confident. How do you want to obscure and protect them from restless time and all sorts of troubles.

And how can we do so that these words are not just words?