The Society I Want to Live In

There is a lot of injustice and cruelty in our society. I believe that this cannot continue for a long time. I believe that everything will change.
I would like to live in a world indifferent to someone else’s pain, where every person seeks to help the weak. Those people that are richer should help the poor to find jobs, take care of the lonely. I want to live in a society where there are no more homeless people: no people, no animals.

I want to live in a world in which it is not fashionable to buy jewelry, but to give most of the good and mercy earned on the deeds.
People change. It will be so! But everyone should start with himself.

And I am ready to do everything in my power so that there will be more love in our society.

I want to live in a civilized democratic society where all people have equal rights and duties, where people respect the honor and dignity of other people. Where all citizens work at work that gives them pleasure, and where they don’t think about how much money to live tomorrow, but know that the state will never leave them to their own devices. And I want to find ways to change societies in order to live in the one I want.

In order to answer this question it is necessary to determine what is such a society and how it was before.

Society is an organized collection of people united by their characteristic relationships at a certain degree of historical development. Society is also a self-contained social system based on the cooperation of people and with its own dynamic system of interconnections of its members, united by family ties, group, estate, class and national relations.

The first types of society appeared back in the days of cavemen, for the tribe is also a society and for thousands of years society has changed and become what it is now. But the definition has not changed, therefore, in order to change society, it is necessary to change the factors that shape it, namely people and the relations between them and the form of organization.

The first is people who are the main component of society. And what can be changed in people? First of all, this is character, habits, mentality, and without changing this it is hardly possible to build a good society, and we see this as an example of an attempt to build a communist society.

But no changes in society are possible with uneducated people whose consciousness is not well formed the second is the relationship between people, namely family, social, national, official, commercial, etc. But, unfortunately, it is almost impossible to change them, you can only trace their legality and correctness.

The third is a form of organization, they are different, and as one of the enlighteners said, there are three forms of organization of society – monarchy, despotism and democracy.

Since society is often associated with a state or a separate region, problems must be solved on a global scale. People should find for themselves such a leader who will be able to maximize satisfy the demand of people and lead them to a better future.