Revenge: A Bittersweet Victory

Like all stories of Edgar Allan Poe, this most terrible story of revenge is a very open explanation. But one thing is an undisputed subject. The basic theme of Amontillado keg is revenge. The protagonist Montresor hopes that revenge is not yet clear, but his motive is not the same. His way of running the plan also reflects the clever use of fraud to expand his revenge. Unfortunately, however, the result of his actions is far less satisfying than he foresees.

First of all, congratulations to Anthony Joshua who won the day yesterday. I am proud to see him defeat Vladimir Klitschko. But for me, this makes me bitter. Especially so many people, especially after the Nigerians started talking about Nigeria, even if he fought under the British flag. The story that Nigeria rejected him five years ago has been told in British media. For me, this empties our statements at most, but unlike Dele Alli, Joshua is proud that Joshua is related to his roots in Nigeria.

The public domain recently announced by the Beatles was a strange moment for me – probably a basin of tea cups. Although it has expired, even if they can not blend into my imaginary vinyl record forever, it feels like it is accepted more sweetly like a small victory. The first album “nay” is the first adult album “A Hard Day’s Night” to insist that I know all words. The first teen of my first Beatles album became crazy about the same time of the second grader. It is puberty. At university, when an answering machine has incredibly incredibly witty sarcastic lyric genius as an outgoing message:

That day Willie recorded his Facebook. It is a bitter thought to see this all happen. He shares some celebrations of everyday poetry and lyrics, wedding photographs, his old band performances, and the local pitching team Dicksboro won the county ‘s finals. He kept in touch with the usual roller coaster batters, complaining about politics, told the Irish Times a frank, free and wonderful interview about the future of the store. It is not to disappoint this, but it does not matter to me.

Still a bittersweet victory. Like many other women and men, McMullan has chosen to start a new day with the frescoes of 31-year-old dentist Savita Halappanavar. She died after refusing abortion in 2012. Her death stimulated a change in movement. “I deliberately express respect.” “This is already a wonderful thing, but I can not forget the people who died for our law.” Some people are worried about Brex and Donald Trump Like the elections, rejected campaigns will jump at the last minute. But in the end, most people silent won. This provision stipulated in the Constitution since 1983 gives pregnant women equal rights “to be born” even though rape, incest and mothers face serious danger, abortion is illegal is. Irish law also prohibits the ordering or taking of abortion drugs under intimidation within a prison for 14 years.