Love to Parents

It is rarely possible to meet a person who says that he does not like parents. And many, indeed, love their parents very much. It is not uncommon for children to put parental interests above their own and give them a lot of attention, and even devote their lives to them. Quite often you can meet a single daughter or son living with his mother. Despite strong mutual love, both children and mother, as a rule, are unhappy. What does it mean to love parents?

As a rule, parents from childhood lay a distorted worldview. Often in families the value system is violated. Excessive love for children and caring for them creates a sense of duty to parents. Often the mother, left without a husband, no longer marries and “gives everything to the children.” Such sacrifice imposes responsibility on children, and they are “programmed” for reciprocal sacrifice.

But you can’t give children what you don’t have. And such a mother cannot create happiness for her children, and with her strong love for them, she, as they grow older, only interferes. Children are aware of the obstacles on the part of the mother, sometimes it takes place on a subconscious level, and then they can show not only love, but even hatred for her.

There are frequent cases of selfishness on the part of parents. They pay little attention to the formation of a personality in a child, they do not create the necessary space of love. In such conditions, it is difficult for children to have a reciprocal love for their parents, and parents demand, and the older, the more.

The other extreme, when children sharply move away from their parents and forget about them, also does not lead to anything good. Parents, losing the necessary sphere of interaction with children, can quickly grow old and even die prematurely. In this case, children also have additional problems due to a violation of relations with the generic roots. This weakens vital stability, negatively affects the fate of future generations.

In one family, both sons went into independent life very early. Even without being married, they, one by one, went to apartments and reduced communication with parents to a minimum. Mother loved them very much, and when they left, she could not refocus her love and care on her husband. She developed cancer very quickly, and she died.

Where is the middle ground to avoid these problems? True love for parents manifests itself in the desire to help them acquire a more correct worldview, to teach them to love themselves and each other, to fill their life with spiritual content. For which, as a rule, they did not have time all their lives.

Everything must be done so that they are closer to each other, remove grievances and mutual claims, and so that their life becomes more and more interesting. Send them a rest together, let them see the world. Help the lonely change their outlook on life and find a couple. In short, help your parents become happier. Such love for parents will bring joy and happiness to you and your entire family!

You can often hear: “Yes, I do everything so that they are happy, but they won’t be rebuilt, they are used to living in the old way, they don’t want to listen to me …” This is where true love for parents manifests itself. If you yourself strive to live spiritually, showing love in your life, then you can reach your parents. This verifies the truth of worldview, spirituality, love.

To help parents financially, to take care of them, of course, is necessary, but often this is where the “fulfillment of the duty” to the parents ends. In fact, the main help to parents is to change their worldview in accordance with today’s time, to fill the worldview with spiritual content. And for this, the children themselves need to look at their relationship with their parents more closely.

Almost all the causes of problems between parents and children pass from generation to generation and are laid down from childhood. So we need to deeply understand these reasons. It is necessary from a spiritual point of view to look at the lives of your parents and relatives, to look as much as possible into the life of previous generations of a kind and identify recurring problems, to understand their causes. It’s time to collect stones. The new era requires the solution of tribal problems. No wonder we came to Earth at the turn of the eras.

Most of the birth problems are solved through building new relationships with parents. In these relationships, more respect, love, and wisdom should be heard. His son needs to understand that his mother is the first woman he met in his life. And daughters, accordingly, feel this in relation to their father. Looking at relationships with parents through the prism of such a worldview, you will see huge reserves in your relationship. Give your parents now what they did not give to them in childhood and in youth, and you will see an amazing result!